Patchwork: An Expressive e-Textile Construction Kit – 2018

Though critical engagement with identity usually does not begin until adolescence, children begin developing the foundations of their understanding about identity at a young age. Patchwork is an interactive construction kit which enriches learners' experiences with identity reflection and expression. Learners are prompted to create patches with scaffolded electronic textile elements to express pieces of their own identity. Patchwork builds on the self expressive nature of traditional patches. Ultimately, the learner is scaffolded through both learning electronics as well as identity reflection and formation.

Dream Toy – 2018

Co-designed a Dragon-Ship "Dream Toy" for an eight-year-old child. Process involved interviewing, prototyping, user testing, and design iteration before gifting the toy to the child.

Class Rube Goldberg – Finale – 2018

Class project to build a Rube Goldberg Machine using GoGo boards and sensors, the Glowforge laser cutter, and the lab's wood shop tools. Sensors were used between teams to trigger subsequent stations in a "wonderfully complicated way." My team created the grand finale!

IncuBaby – 2015

Mechanical engineering capstone project at Rice University. Problem statement was to design a low-cost neonatal incubator for the developing world. Design developed over the course of 2014-2015 with team of senior Mechanical and Bio-engineering students. Project continued on by Rice 360.

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