Manufacturing Magic: Conair Hair Curlers 2018


ME 219, or the Magic of Manufacturing, looks to take mechanical engineering theory to practice by understanding how parts are made. Looking at the objects around us, especially the less expensive ones, there is often a dismissal of the intricacies that not only created the parts but allowed them to be created cost-effectively. Deconstructing parts sheds light on both the intricacies as well as the beauty of manufacturing processes. Below you can see the deconstruction and analysis of how Conair Hair Curlers are made.


Conair Hair Curlers:

With the help of some phenomenal engineers at PCH International we deconstructed Conair Hair Curlers in an hour.

How its made:

  • Sewing
    • Travel case is made of heat resistant materials sewn together – likely done by hand with guides
  • Injection Molding
    • Plastic Curler Pieces – injection molded and pressed together with tabs
    • Curler Base – injection molded then assembled with electrical components held in place with heat staking
  • Sheet Metal Stamping
    • Curler heating element – stamped and pressed into shape
  • Wire Bending
    • Curler Clips – bent and ends dipped in plastic

How it works:

When the curlers are set into the base, they connect with copper leads. This completes the circuit to allow current flow through the cooler. Due to the resistance in the metal as well as the ceramic, heat is created as the current flows through the cooler.


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