Patchwork: An Expressive e-Textile Construction Kit – 2018


Though critical engagement with identity usually does not begin until adolescence, children begin developing the foundations of their understanding about identity at a young age. Patchwork is an interactive construction kit which enriches learners’ experiences with identity reflection and expression. Learners are prompted to create patches with scaffolded electronic textile elements to express pieces of their own identity. Patchwork builds on the self expressive nature of traditional patches. Ultimately, the learner is scaffolded through both learning electronics as well as identity reflection and formation.

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Interface Design: Treasure Game – 2018


I have been given a base for the game Treasure. Treasure is a game where two players play for the treasure amount in the middle. To play, each must play a number 1-13, where the higher number wins the treasure in the middle (1 beats 13). Once a player uses a number, that number is no longer available for use again.  Currently game runs on server where URLs are used to play. The challenge is to design and create an interface to facilitate playing Treasure.

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Class Rube Goldberg – Finale – 2018


The class will build a Rube Goldberg Machine using GoGo boards and sensors, the Glowforge laser cutter, and the lab’s wood shop tools. The class was divided into 7 groups, each responsible for taking in a specific sensor input and activating the next sensor in a “wonderfully complicated way.”

My team was responsible for the last station, and therefore designing a finale for the Rube Goldberg. To start our station, a magnetic sensor would be activated.

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