The 3 C’s: Constructivism, Constructionism, & Critical Pedagogy

I am currently in an Education class: Beyond Bits and Atoms - Designing Technological Tools. For this class, were learned about the 3C's of learning theory: Constructivism, Constructionism, & Critical Pedagogy. Below is my essay, and the continuation of my journey into the world of modern learning theory and how they can inform me as a designer.

Stepping Thoughtfully Back

Jumping into a tool, project, or idea is often tempting; however, stepping back to reflect thoughtfully can lead to more efficient, effective and meaningful progress and understanding.

Evocative Objects (Papert & Turkle)

Based on Papert and Turkle, this is an essay I wrote about my own evocative object. The hope was not just that to identify my own object but also to understand Papert, Turkle and the impact such objects can have. The knowledge and understanding of my own object and Constructionism could help when designing technology for learning in the future.

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