About Me

Welcome to my personal website. My name is Amanda Boone. I am currently a master’s student at Stanford University, studying Management Science and Engineering (MS&E).

My background is in Mechanical Engineering. After my undergraduate degree from Rice University, I worked as a Mechanical Engineer for Schlumberger where I focused on down hole drilling Mud Motors. My full resume can be found on LinkedIn.

I enjoy learning and building new things. In addition, I love hiking, reading, minions, and cooking.

My Strengths Finder Strengths are:

  • Achiever – “An internal fire burning inside of you… power supply that keeps you moving”
  • Learner – “It enables you to thrive in dynamic work environments”
  • Significant – “Want your work to be a way of life rather than a job.”
  • Focus – “It forces you to filter; you instinctively evaluate whether or not a particular action will help you move toward your goal.”
  • Analytical – “You want to understand how certain patterns affect one another.”

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